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Vocabulary Words

College Writing: Vocabulary List

capacity | decline | diverse | contrast | interact

capacity = the maximum amount that something can hold

Examples: The seating capacity in the auditorium is 560.  

Word Families: capacity (n)

Collocations: filled to capacity, maximum capacity

decline = become fewer or less

Example: The birthrate continues to decline

Word Families: decline (v), decline (n), declining (adj)

Collocations: decline in years, declining economy

diverse = variety, things that are very different

Example: The campus was diverse in language and culture.

Word Families: diverse (adj), diversely (adv)

Collocations: a diverse group, diverse culture

contrast = something that is very different from something else

Example: There is a contrast between city and country living.

Word Families: contrast (v), contrast (n), contrastive (adj), contrastingly (adv)

Collocations: contrast between, in contrast to / with, compare and contrast

interact = act in a way to affect something else

Example: It was easy to interact with the new computer program.

Word Families: interact (v), interactive (adj), interactively (adv)

Collocations: interact with

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