Why Nelson Center is right for your school?

Nelson Center expands your school’s ability to offer ESL programming. Add an English Learning Center to your school without the added cost. The center provides online English instruction at a fraction of the cost it takes to maintain an ESL department.

We bring thirty plus years experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages.  Our experience increases your ability to integrate international students quickly into their core studies.

Effective instruction builds student confidence.  Students who are challenged with language barriers are also challenged with social barriers. These two combined can lead students to fail socially and academically. However, effective language instruction at the beginning of their studies can help them integrate and be successful in their coursework.

The Program

The Academic English Program is a supplement English as a Second Language (ESL) program designed to assist students master reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  It lays a foundation for integrating into core classes.

The 32-week program consists of four, eight-week terms.  Students are placed in courses on their level and progress until they reach proficiency.

Nelson Center complies with the Common European Framework of Reference for language proficiency (CEFR).

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By the end of the program students are able to:

  • Read and comprehend authentic passages
  • Understand and locate main ideas and supporting details
  • Understand inferences
  • Write effective essays
  • Summarize and paraphrase
  • Use in-text citations
  • Understand and take notes on lectures
  • Speak and be understood
  • Deliver a public presentation
  • Use approximately 400 academic words
  • Interact with native speakers

Who is the program for?

The program welcomes students from all countries and cultures. The Academic English Program is for anyone who wants to improve their academic English skills. More precisely, it is for international students attending, or planning to attend an educational institution in the United States.

What students are saying

Thank you for fall semester!

“You are very great teacher! I was really encouraged by your words and attitude toward students. I finished all classes because of your encouragement! Thank you”

I am so happy that I have taken this online course.

“Really, I am so happy that I have taken this online course. It is very useful and interesting. This course has a good influence on me, I became more confident in myself, especially after the quiz’s results”.

Thank you for the detailed information

Thank you for the detailed information. This truly helps and now I have a better understanding of structuring my essay.

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