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Nelson Center for Schools

Give your international students an opportunity to get ahead academically.

Academic English Program, Online

Why Nelson Center is right for your school?

Nelson Center expands your school’s ability to offer ESL programming. Add an English Language Learning Center to your school without the added cost. The center provides online English instruction at a fraction of the cost it takes to maintain an ESL department.

The Program

The program begins every six weeks throughout the year.  Our next session begins April 1, 2019.


Courses are like an interactive textbook.  Students watch videos presentations, read authentic passages, do assignments, and take quizzes. Students enrolled in the program learn essential language skills necessary to master academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Help & Assistance

Students progress through the lessons at their own pace. The teacher monitors their progress, answers their questions, and grades their work. Students are able to receive extra help when needed.


Students earn a Certificate of Completion for each course they pass.