Academic English Program


AEP is an English as a Second Language (ESL) program designed to assist students master readingwritinglistening, and speaking skills.  The program provides students with effective English language instruction and the skills necessary for academic success. In addition, the program prepares students for standardized testing essential for university entrance.

Each term students take both a reading/writing and a listening/speaking course. The courses are intense and designed to improve essential skills in English communication.

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Program Outcomes

Students who complete the program are able to:

  • Participate and interact in core classes
  • Read and understand academic passages
  • Write research essays
  • Evaluate and respond creatively to other writers
  • Use academic language and vocabulary
  • Understand and take notes on lectures
  • Prepare and give presentations

Program Features:

  • Rapid learning methods
  • Authentic reading passages
  • Topic-based projects
  • Academic writing
  • Effective grammar instruction
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Interactive lessons