Question #6 Problem-Solution

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In question 6, you will discuss a problem, and then present two solutions.

A Problem-Solution Essay discusses a problem, and then provides a plan for its solution.  We often use this type of essay when we what to persuade others that we have a better idea, or a better plan.


Catch your reader’s attention by using an interesting fact, or a quote, or even a rhetorical question.  Then briefly introduce the problem and why it is important.  In the thesis statement state clearly the problem, why it’s a problem, and refer to a proposed solution for the problem.

Example of Thesis Statement:

  • Excessive noise from traffic poses health risks to people of all ages. Researchers have developed two possible solutions to protect people and still preserve the flow of traffic.

Body Paragraphs

The first body paragraph describes the problem in such a way that the reader is convinced that the problem needs solving.  Then in the following body paragraphs, explain the solution(s) to the problem persuading the readers that your solutions are the best.  Optional: include a rebuttal.


The conclusion restates the thesis statements. It should be done in such a way as to emphasize the solutions. The closing statement should leave a call to action – challenging readers to do something about the problem.


This will be the last practice essay you will do. Time yourself, and try to write within 30 minutes.

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