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1.1 Fact or Myth

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In this lesson, you will examine the difference between facts and myths.

Fact or Myth

We often hear of the five-second rule; you know, you drop food on the floor and if you pick it up before 5 seconds, it is safe to eat. But is that true?

Jillian Clarke*, a senior high school student, actually did a scientific study on this rule.  She discovered two things. One, floors are usually cleaner then we think; germs need moisture to live and floors are usually dry.  Two, germs, if present, will attach to food within five seconds. So is the five-second rule a fact¹ or is it just a myths²?  According Jillian Clarke, it is just a myth.

Often we hear or read ideas about poverty, some of them are fact and some of them are just myths.  The only way we can tell the difference is by looking at reliable³ data, and even here it might be difficult.

How much do you know about poverty?

Directions: Look at the sentences below and decide if they are fact or myth.  Check your answers by taking the lesson quiz below. 

1. Fact | Myth  In the United States, children in poverty do not receive as much care as children in other developed countries.

2. Fact | Myth Every one in America has enough food.

3. Fact | Myth Children are not affected by poverty.

4. Fact | Myth All children have equal opportunity to succeed in America.

5. Fact | Myth People that are poor are just lazy.


*‘5-Second Rule’ Rules, Sometimes

¹fact: something true without question
²myth: a story from the past, usually not true
³reliable: always good, can be trusted


Decide if the above sentences are fact or myth, and then take the lesson quiz by clicking on the link below.

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