• Academic Writing/Grammar 501

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    Dates: August 12, 2019 Level: C2 Proficiency Length: 8 weeks Instructor: Richard P Carrigan, MSE Course Overview In course 501, you will learn and practice reading and writing academic English. You will read authentic passages on the course topic and develop a research argumentative essay. You will focus on using correct structure and organization to […]

  • Academic Speaking/Vocabulary 211

    by Richard Carrigan 26 Lessons in , , $225.00

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    Academic Speaking/Vocabulary 2B is a practical online course that helps students master basic speaking skills in an academic setting. The course encourages intermediate students to speak with confidence as they interact with other students and teachers.

  • Academic Speaking/Vocabulary 311

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    Beginning August 12, 2019

  • Paraphrasing 301

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    When we write academically, we often borrow ideas or concepts from other writers to support our position. One way we do this is by paraphrasing; putting someone else’s ideas into our own words. The skill of paraphrasing comes with much practice. Paraphrasing 101, not only provides essential practice, but also provides key tools to ensure mastering the necessary skills.

  • Academic Writing/Grammar 201

    by Richard Carrigan 34 Lessons in , $225.00

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    Academic Writing 2 gives students a foundation to ensure they master not only the steps in the writing process, but also language essential for academic writing. In this course, you will learn and practice the steps in writing descriptive, opinion, and compare and contrast paragraphs. Each lesson includes video presentations, authentic reading passages, and online assignments.  After you complete each lesson quiz, your teacher will grade your assignments, and give you feedback when needed.

  • Academic Writing/Grammar 401

    by Richard Carrigan 29 Lessons in , , $225.00

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    Course Description This course will help you improve your ability to read and write academic English. Throughout the course, you will research the course topic and work on developing a problem-solution essay. You will learn about writing summary-response essays, paraphrasing, and using in-text citations. You will also learn to support your thesis with outside sources.

  • Academic Writing/Grammar 301

    by Richard Carrigan 48 Lessons in , $225.00

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    Academic Writing 3 builds a foundation for university level coursework. It provides international students opportunities to learn American academic skills in reading and writing using direct quotations, summaries, and critical thinking.

  • English for Online Marketing

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