English for Online Marketing

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This course will begin March 19, 2019

Scope and Sequence

English for Online Marketing introduces students to language needed for digital marketing.  Students enrolled in the course will gain an overview of marketing strategies, auditing, and web site designing.  In addition, they will learn the basics for international communication.

Skills Language Use Lessons
Unit 1 Talk about cultural differences Identify how companies market products Understanding key vocabulary

Using collocations associated with websites Using verbs effectively

Word rhythm and stress

Doing Business in America

Online Marketing

The Web Site

Language Use

Business and the Website
Unit 2 Outlining a market plan Understanding PESTEL and SWOT analysis Setting market objectives Understanding online market acronyms

Understanding key vocabulary

Using verb/noun collocations

Using persuasive language Sentence rhythm and stress

Making a Market Outline

The Audit: PESTEL and SWOT

Market Objectives

Language Use

Marketing Plan
Unit 3 Writing a Market Strategy

Discussing tactics

Writing an executive summary

Summarizing main ideas

Understanding collocation used with strategies and tactics

Using more verbs effectively Controlling intonation

Writing a Market Strategy

Developing Effective tactics.

The Executive Summary Language Use

Marketing Strategies
Unit 4 Understanding differences in cultural attitudes Handling differences in opinions

How to disagree

Connecting with an American counter-part

Recommending ideas

Using polite language

Key vocabulary

Surviving Cultural Differences

Expressing Opinions

Agreeing and Disagreeing

Language Use

International Communication
Units 5 Designing an Effective Homepage

Using graphics to promote ideas Understanding web page language Understanding how online advertisements work

HTML language

Vocabulary related to web sites and graphic arts

Words and collocation used to talk about branding

The Homepage

Graphic Arts and the Web Site

Facebook Ads

Language Use

Digital Marketing