Academic Writing/Grammar 401

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Exploring Our World

Research the question as you develop a problem-solution essay.

  • Required Time: 8 weeks
  • Level: C1 Proficient
  • Essays: Problem-Solution essay and Persuasive essay
  • Teacher: Richard P Carrigan, MSE

About the Course

Academic Writing/Grammar 401 is designed to further build a foundation for college level essay writing.  This course is for intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to attend a university in the United States and need to master academic reading and writing skills. Lessons include short video presentations, authentic reading passages, downloadable handouts, and interactive quizzes.

In this course, you will learn and practice the steps in writing a problem-solution and a persuasive essay.

What Students Learn

You will learn and practice paraphrasing, summarizing, and using in-text citations. When you finish the course, you will be able to plan, write, and revise college level essays. This course is for high-intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to attend a university in the United States.

Academic Honesty

The Nelson Center encourages honesty in every phase of learning and values transparency in the use of information from other writers.

Students enrolled in this course are encouraged to always do their own work, and when using information from other writers to credit them by proper citation and references.


Tentative Schedule for 2019/2020