Category B1 Intermediate

  • Academic Writing/Grammar 201

    by Richard Carrigan 27 Lessons in , $225.00

    3 learners taking this course

    Academic Writing 2 gives students a foundation to ensure they master not only the steps in the writing process, but also language essential for academic writing. In this course, you will learn and practice the steps in writing descriptive, opinion, and compare and contrast paragraphs. Each lesson includes video presentations, authentic reading passages, and online assignments.  After you complete each lesson quiz, your teacher will grade your assignments, and give you feedback when needed.

  • Review Course

    by Richard Carrigan 4 Lessons in

    0 learners taking this course

    In this short course you will review and learn the three basic sentence structures necessary for effective paragraph writing.

  • Academic Speaking/Vocabulary 211

    by Richard Carrigan 28 Lessons in , , $225.00

    13 learners taking this course

    Academic Speaking/Vocabulary 2B is a practical online course that helps students master basic speaking skills in an academic setting. The course encourages intermediate students to speak with confidence as they interact with other students and teachers.