Academic English Program

Who is the program for?

The program welcomes students from all countries and cultures. The Academic English Program is for anyone who wants to improve their academic reading and writing skills. More precisely, it is for international students attending, or planning to attend an educational institution in the United States.

When does the program begin?

Students studying independently can begin their courses anytime.

What are the classes like?

Online classes are taught similar to classes in a high school or college. Just like in a live class, students watch videos, read passages, take quizzes, and listen to their teacher. If they have questions or need help, their teacher is only a click away.

Each course builds on the previous course, so by the end of the program, students will be able to:

• Use approximately 200 new words
• Understand advanced sentences
• Read authentic passages
• Develop and write academic essays
• Understand English lectures

Three Easy Steps to Begin Studying

Step 1: Choose Your Level

Take the Placement Testing and we will help you determine which course to begin.

Step 2: Sign up For Your Courses

Select the course you want to study from the list below. On the course page, click PURCHASE THIS COURSE. Fill out the registration form and pay the tuition, and you are all set.

Step 3: Begin Studying

After you have signed up for your courses, log into your account.  You will see MY COURSES at the top of each page.  Click on MY COURSES, and you will see the courses you have signed up for. Go to the first lesson, and begin to study.

Current Courses

  • College Writing 2

    by Richard Carrigan, MSE 27 Lessons in , $120.00

    College Writing 2 gives students a foundation to ensure they master not only the steps in the writing process, but also language essential for academic writing. In this course, you will learn and practice the steps in writing descriptive, opinion, and compare and contrast paragraphs. Each lesson includes video presentations, authentic reading passages, and online assignments.  After you complete each lesson quiz, your teacher will grade your assignments, and give you feedback when needed.

  • College Writing 4

    by Richard Carrigan, MSE 28 Lessons in , $120.00

    Course Description This course will help you improve your ability to read and write academic English. Throughout the course, you will research the course topic and work on developing a problem-solution essay. You will learn about writing summary-response essays, paraphrasing, and using in-text citations. You will also learn to support your thesis with outside sources.

  • College Writing 3

    by Richard Carrigan, MSE 20 Lessons in $120.00

    College Writing 3 builds a foundation for university level coursework. It provides international students opportunities to learn American academic skills in reading and writing using direct quotations, summaries, and critical thinking.

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